Intra Oral Scanner and flows with the Lab (Procedure Level )

FULL ARCH Session - Intra Oral Scanner and flows with the Lab
(Procedure Level )

DURATION: 2 days
WHO FOR?: for the whole clinician care and technical team.
- Physicians who own the following scanners: TRIOS 3Shape, CS 3600/CS 3700/CS 3800 Dexis Carestream, Element I-Tero, Cara i-500/i-700 Kulzer, Medit i-500/i-700, Primescan Sirona
- Technicians with the following CAD software: Exocad, 3Shape
WHERE: Grow Up Centre, Ambra Room and Smeraldo Room, a common room set up for both Clinical and Technical Education
METHOD: total interactivity between attendees and Grow Up trainers. Optimal balance between presentation and discussion of topics and practical exercises with your own intraoral scanner on a simulator (dental practitioner) and dedicated CAD workstation (technician). Procedures on models based on real cases to enable the acquisition of experience as close to reality as possible.      
AIM: starting with the attendees’ experiences, which may already be an indication of the problems encountered in the use of intraoral scanners in applications such as full arches on implants; we will work on ways of adapting a scanning strategy to specially designed scan-bodies to accommodate the most common scanner behaviour and allow the technician to set up a second appointment for the clinician, ideal for checking the results obtained with intraoral scans and then proceeding with the creation of the most suitable prosthesis. This is done by assuming different initial scenarios and creating, as is customary at Grow Up, different training situations that allow the dental practitioner and technician to use the digital (and other) tools at their disposal by repeating exercises several times in preparation for daily efficiency.  

Rule of engagement

  • In order to make a digital workflow successful in this very complex type of application, we are confident that the skills possessed by the dental practitioner, technician and industry will be combined with service and production. That is why we have designed and analysed these training sessions called Full Arch Training.      

  • The Grow Up team takes these two-day sessions very seriously: we strive to do our utmost to pass on all our knowledge to help improve your daily efficiency; this can only happen if the dental practitioner and technician attend together.

  • We do not want to seem overly rigid or demanding, but we cannot accept registrations from clinicians only or technicians only: we place great importance on doing out utmost for you to convey all the course contents to both figures at the same time.


  • Definition of the goals of each team according to the type of experience already acquired and the expectations for this type of digital application
  • Implant connections for a passive fit and the production of different types of prostheses
  • Positive intra-oral scanner behaviour to exploit, moderate and solve with tips and tricks
  • How to get the best out of your CAD program by improving your knowledge and pressing the right keys
  • Master arch scanning as a fundamental goal for quality in all digital cross-mounting methods
  • Practical exercises on a variety of initial scenarios: prosthesis duplication, terminal dentition scanning, temporary prosthesis scanning, necessary additional scanning
  • Integration of the analogue impression in the digital flow
  • CAD management of the different files received from the initial scenarios
  • The One Shot Concept: scan - body, strategy, implant control (bar test) and dental (prototype) check for the dental practitioner
  • The One Shot Concept: libraries, production of control checks and scans - reply for the technician. Screw-retained prototype or as abutment: selection criteria
  • The recipe for locating and correcting the implant positions
  • Assessment of the various options for creating the final prosthesis
  • Repeated exercises by the dental practitioner and technician on the Grow Up - One Shot step-by-step procedure



  • Master scanning exercises: acquisition of initial state data and preparation for digital cross mounting
  • Scanning exercises on simulator: multiple scan bodies on upper and lower edentulous arch with one shot concept
  • Extraoral scanning exercises with intraoral scanner: duplication of prostheses, prototypes and temporary prostheses.
  • Position Game: check, adjustment and steps for repositioning test bars on simulator
  • Prototype checking exercises on simulator


  •  Alignment exercises on the files received and check
  •  Design and preparation of bar for implant test
  •  Design and preparation of prototype for dental check
  •  Digital repositioning exercises of implants with scan-reply
  •  Design of final prosthesis and finishing model

Course Calendar


Fabio Ferri
Marco Ortensi
Franco Schipani



How to register and prices

Clinical team € 790: Surgeon (max 2 participants). The Dentist could bring a collaborator from his practice (only as watcher) with an adding cost of € 350

Technical team € 480: The technician could bring a collaborator from his laboratory (only as watcher) with an adding cost of € 150

Each course will be held with a maximum of 6 complete teams

If the registration fee is not paid by one of the participants of the two teams in accordance with the terms and time frames indicated during registration, it will not be possible to participate in the course.

It is possible to register for the course only via the relative on-line platform.

Without prejudice to the right of withdrawal*, if you are unable to attend the course – following written notification sent by email to within and no later than 14 days before the start of the course – it is possible to request a change of course date from among those available.
If you are unable to attend the course even on the alternative date, the contract will be considered terminated for reasons attributable solely to the Client, without any obligation for Grow Up to reimburse the registration fee.

*Pursuant to Article 52 of Legislative Decree n. 206/05, the student, within the limits of art. 59 of this regulation, can exercise the right of withdrawal within fourteen days from the completion of the registration, without having to provide any reason and without incurring any cost other than those envisaged in article 56, paragraph 2, and in article 57

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