Grow Up


Our daily life as the centre of production proves

that the intra-oral scan workflow still has unknown variables that prevent the Medical-Technician team (and therefore the patients) from benefiting from all the Digital potential.
Sometimes the industry tends to sell simplicity, effectiveness and affordability of digital tools, not fully highlighting the need for a learning and commitment curve that operators will have to commit to in order to avoid inadequate scans, sending of sub-optimal files, designs and productions that are not in line with expectations. This can lead the Clinician and the Technician to believe that digital flow does not work yet in dentistry or is not as expected.
We believe that it is due to lack of experience and training or a difficult adaptation to the digital environment, the fact is that it is necessary to connect all the dots.
This is why Grow Up was born!
A project where Clinical Staff and Dental Technician Staff will be able to write with us and therefore carry out step by step - even customisable ones - to make digital means work in everyday life.
At Grow Up, we believe that this kind of approach is necessary considering the important increase expected for the next few years of users of intra-oral scanners, facial scanners, CAD software and 3D printers.


Grow-Up bases its activity on three main principles:

Optimise flows and not sell tools, products, software
Improve the use of the tools you own and use every day
Simplify: do things the best way possible with the fewest steps possible. Remember: simplifying in the second millennium means excelling!
Make digital a daily practice


A teaching style with a lot of practice! Repeat and perform the procedures until they are done correctly
Tips & Tricks approach, which means learning the tricks to do better and do it first
DNA New Ancorvis approach, which means that thanks to our experience we have understood what the problems are and therefore stimulated the birth of Grow Up as a natural evolution of our business with a view to problem solver and experimentation with new solutions

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