Why the chameleon

We like chameleons because they are a symbol of evolution and - due to their colour-changing ability - transformation.  You could point out that it is a slow and almost prehistoric animal: true!
But if we stick with the metaphor, what is more ancient and innate to the human being than developing skills, and therefore knowledge, in a sort of perpetual motion?
After all, it is precisely this thinking and rethinking of our experiences and new learning details that enables us to generate progress as well as a certain resilience.
And let us not forget that binocular vision represents omniscience and wisdom, to be pursued with determination and authenticity , adapting to changes of scenery to produce useful and profitable results....
In other words ...
the Chameleon is the perfect totem
animal for our and your Grow Up!
A good omen, of course.
Imagine if the digital revolution of our daily life, as if by magic, suddenly disappeared. If a back-to-basic of colossal proportions forced us to absurdly reduce - from work to free time - our possibilities of simplification and interconnection that technological and digital progress is offering us. That would sure be a nightmare! ...