Training IN STAFF Studio -Lab Intra Oral Scanner and flows

DURATION: 2 days
FOR WHOM: for the whole team.
- Physicians who own the following scanners:Trios 3Shape, CS 3600/CS3700 Carestream, I-Tero element, Kulzer Cara i-500/i-700 Kulzer, Medit i-500/i-700
- Technicians who own the following CAD software: Exocad, 3Shape, DentalWings
WHERE: Grow Up Centre Sala Ambra and Sala Smeraldo common classroom equipped for both Clinical and Technical Education
METHOD: total interactivity between participants and trainer of the Grow Up and 90% of practical exercises on mannequin and Cad workstations
OBJECTIVE: we will work with the participants to get to know better the digital tools they already own and the procedures to make their workflow work. The different teams, up to a maximum of 4, will be able to choose the topics to explore even before starting the course, which will be customised according to their needs. During the course, we will create an effective training ground for complete dental arch scans, for preparation on natural teeth and all the subsequent CAD stages related to the required prosthetic restoration. We will practise using digital scans for implants every day: scan sequences and protocols for the flow on individual implants and work on implants with minor extensions.

Rule of engagement

  • To make the intra-oral scanning workflow a success, we are confident that all the skills of the clinical team and the dental team must be combined. This is why we have thought and studied in detail this course, called: Intra-Oral Procedures IN-Staff

  • For the Grow Up team, these two days represent a great responsibility: give our best and pass down everything that we are passionate about to make your daily digital more effective, this can only happen if both Surgeon and Technician are present together (optional: assistant).

  • We do not want to look too rigid or pretentious, however we will not accept registrations from clinicians only or technicians only: it is too important for us to give you our best and then transfer all the course contents to both at the same time.


  • Definition of the personal objectives of each team and continuous checks during the course of their achievement
  • Principles and Musts of Scanning: the positive behaviours of intra oral scanners to be exploited
  • Principles and Musts of CAD software in intra-oral scanner file managemen
  • Scan techniques for the preparation of natural teeth and Digital Wash Technique
  • Single-implant focus and jobs with minor extensions:  customised and step-by-step scan body and scan-flow 
  • Solve the digital problems encountered every day by New Ancorvis with “tips and tricks”   
  • all the digital cross mounting methods with intraoral scanners   



  • Scanning exercises: centring, alignment, focal distance, rotations, impasse scan, acquisition front and video-hands correlation
  • Exercises on simulator: no-prep arches, single elements and bridges on dental preparations, bite registration and control of results
  • Exercises on simulator: single and multi element scan-body acquisition single and multi-element scan bodies with minor extensions
  • Exercises of extra-oral scans with intra-oral scanners

Menu [Clinical]
The course participants of the Clinical team will be able to choose from the following list the topics to be explored according to their needs:

  • Practical Factors Affecting Intra-oral Scanning
  • Scanning strategies: correct Quality / Timing ratio
  • Control of the scanning field: tricks and role of the assistant
  • Scanning of complete arches with teeth: protocols and exercises
  • Acquiring the key information of a tooth preparation: protocols and exercises
  • Detection of bite registrations (also with DVO) and management in the laboratory
  • Knowledge and management of digital components: scan-body and T-base
  • Protocols and exercises for the intra-oral detection of scan-bodies
  • Prosthetics on implants: step by step and flow with the laboratory
  • Partial and total restorations with full-digital flow
  • YES models NO models: selection and operation criteria
  • Digital language: what are STL, PLY, proprietary files etc ...
  • Transfer of mucous tracts in Digital
  • Coupling of scans and analyses (Gom)
  • Scans of provisional restorations and prototypes in extra-oral mode
  • The main sources of error in intra-oral scans


  • Exercises: file alignments, additional scans, general parameters, file cleaning and edge tracing on partial and total preparations
  • Exercises: from file package to choice of library and marker alignment, control and creation of virtual model
  • Exercises: abutment-crown design in one step, bridge and crown (screwed and bonded) in relation to the transgingival profile and management of inclined screw channels

Menu [Technical]
The course participants of the Technical team can choose from the following list the topics to explore according to their needs:

  • Laboratory management of bite registrations (also with DVO)
  • Knowledge and management of bonding components
  • Scan-Body and Libraries: insights
  • Works on implants: step by step and workflows
  • Digital language: STL, PLY, Proprietary files etc ...
  • CAD modeling: virtual conditioning of tissues
  • Management of additional scans in the laboratory
  • Preparation of the file for milling and printing
  • Coupling of scans and analyses (Gom)
  • Double File Protocol: double file of customised abutment with direct crown, reinforced provisional restoration
  • File cleaning and marking of the margin from intra-oral scan
  • Partial and total restorations with full-digital flow
  • Software-based occlusal and interproximal contact points
  • YES models NO models: selection and operation criteria

Courses calendar


Fabio Ferri
Marco Ortensi
Franco Schipani



How to register and prices

Clinical team € 790 + VAT: Surgeon (max 2 participants). The doctor can bring a collaborator (auditor only) at no additional cost

Technical team € 480 + VAT: Cad operator technician (max 2 participants) Cad operator technician bring a collaborator (auditor only) at no additional cost

Total cost of training: € 1270 + VAT

Each course will be carried out with a maximum of 4 complete teams
In case of non-payment of the registration fee by one of the participants of the two Teams according to the methods and timing indicated in the registration, participating in the course will not be possible.

It is possible to register for the course only by accessing the relative online platform.

Without prejudice to the right of withdrawal*, in case of impossibility to attend the course - by means written communication sent by email to no later than 14 days before the beginning of the course - it is possible to request registration to a different date among those available.
Should the participant be unable to attend to the course even on this alternative date, the contract must be considered terminated due to reasons exclusively attributable to the Customer, and Grow Up does not have any obligation to reimburse the registration fee.

*In compliance with art. 52 of Legislative Decree n. 206/05, the student, within the limits of art. 59 of this regulation, can exercise the right of withdrawal within fourteen days from the completion of the registration, without having to provide any reason and without incurring any cost other than those envisaged in article 56, paragraph 2, and in article 57

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